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Sunday, November 28th, 2010

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DC Comics Sample Pages


I uploaded a series of pages that I did based off an old script for a DC comics “Birds of Prey” Issue from 2005.  I’ve never actually read the book, or knew much about it in all honesty.  Sure, I knew Black Canary from my days of old reading Justice League, and Huntress from other various Batman comics that I used to read.  But I have to admit I never read the Birds book.  (I hear the new series that’s out now is excellent.)

Anyway, you can view the entire series of pages that I drew here. Honestly, this was an early series of drawings I did that 100% digitally.  And it’s early in my digital process.  I have actually refined the process more at this point and have a much better style now.  There will be more sample pages to come but these are still pretty good.

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