Tanner Wiley Online is the official place online for comic book artist and illustrator Tanner Wiley.

Tanner has been working in the field off and on for over 20 years.  He began his artistic skills as young as most kids do – with crayons and construction paper, but he continued to hone his skills throughout grade skill until junior high where, he along with his best friend, wrote and drew their first comics.

Now, he has done illustrations for books, storyboards for films and TV, and he continues to work on his own personal project Rain – which is a test in time management more than anything else.  When beginning it – he vowed never to spend more than 10 hours on a single page including pencils, inks AND coloring.

He has also done conceptual drawing work for movies as well.

Tanner continues to take work on a variety of projects while continuing to work on Rain.

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